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Our Future Tutoring teaching methods develop a grounded foundation in the core subjects, English ,Maths and Science. We will also build on developing your child's confidence ,concentration and a positive "I can" do attitude to work.

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Key Stage 1-3

We will work on the following with your child:

  • Problem Solving questions in maths 

  • To improve confidence in timetables

  • Reading tasks to improve confidence in reading comprehension

  • Lessons to improve descriptive & persuasive writing

  • Lessons & frequent testing of Spelling ,Punctuation & Grammar(SPAG)

11 Plus

Our future tutors will prepare your child for their 11+examination to ensure they will have the best possible chance in passing. 

We will work with your child on the following topics:

  • English-vocabulary, writing& comprehension, Spelling , Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG)

  • Maths- Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division Numbers and Place Value, Fractions, Percentages, Units & Measures and much more...

  • Verbal & non Verbal reasoning

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Secondary School

Our Future Tutoring are here to support children in year 7-9. Children will receive full attention and will have an individual learning plan to set manageable targets and to track & monitor their progress. The children will be able to receive help needed with the topic areas which they are struggling.

GCSE's & A levels

Our Future Tutoring is committed to getting  you through your GCSE's & A levels. Our future tutors will improve your child's confidence, ability and academic performance. 

At our future tutoring we will prepare your child  for exams, practicing exam questions ,and correct answering techniques.

Our 8 weekly mock exams will record the progress of your child over an academic year. This will also allow us to plan and customise lessons around your child's weaknesses.

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